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August 2002 Archive

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August 28, 2002  August 21, 2002  August 14, 2002  August 7, 2002 

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The battle has begun for the next generation of read only DVDs using blue lasers (current DVDs use red lasers). Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength and therefore can support more data on a DVD. A new standard for blue laser DVDs was announced by Toshiba and NEC this week. This standard, called Blue Ray, competes against another standard that Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Pioneer, Sharp, Samsung, Philips and Thomson Multimedia announced in February 2002. The Sony/Panasonic system can fit 23.3 gigabytes on a DVD whereas the Toshiba/NEC system fits only 15 to 20 gigabytes. However, the big advantage for Toshiba/NEC is that their Blue Ray system can read existing DVDs, which the Sony/Panasonic system can not. It also allows manufacturers to use existing DVD-related plants and equipment, allowing sizable cost savings. 

How much space is really needed on a read only DVD? It can already fit an entire movie and e