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September 2002 Archive

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September 25, 2002  September 18, 2002   September 11, 2002  September 4, 2002 

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ICANN, which manages the Internet's Domain Name System, was granted another year to do its job. ICANN is not universally liked and supported. ICANN Keeps Job Overseeing Internet. U.S. wants organization to still supervise, but improve some of its polices.

A government study found that ten percent of US households have high speed broadband Internet access. Dave Burstein said the current figures are actually 15 to 16 percent, that government studies tend to lag behind. In Canada, the figure is 25%, in Korea it is 52%. Two studies said that the reason for low broadband use is cost. US providers charge up to twice as much as the rest of the world. Dave said that in Japan broadband access costs $25 to $34 for 7 MB compared to the 700KB that US consumers get for $40 to $50. It was also noted that fifty percent of US families have som