October 2008 Show Summaries
October 29, 2008  October 22, 2008  October 15, 2008  October 8, 2008  October 1, 2008 
October 29, 2008 Show

Google book scanning lawsuit settled. No more hard copies of the Christian Science Monitor. Netbooks are selling well. An interview with Jonathan Daudelin co-author of FIRST LEGO League - The Unofficial Guide. Listener phone calls.


October 22, 2008 Show

Microsoft, yet again, extended the life of Windows XP Professional. XP is fighting Microsoft's battle against Linux on Netbook computers. Apple has patented the look and feel of OS X. Open Office version 3 was released: it can read the new file formats from Office 2007 and can output PDF files. Open Office runs on Linux, Windows and Macs. What to do if you install XP or Vista and find you don't have drivers. Hank bought an MSI Wind barebones machine at Newegg. It comes with an Intel Atom processor and is very small and quiet. He loved it.

Our guests were photography experts Sally Grotta and Daniel Grotta who have their own show was WS Radio. They discussed the new Panasonic G1 camera which offers the first major revolution in SLR cameras in over 50 years.


October 15, 2008 Show

No show this week. We were pre-empted for coverage of the presidential debate.


October 8, 2008 Show

Building your own barebones computer system. Kathy Davis. Listener questions. Fund raising, offering the same premiums as before.


October 1, 2008 Show

Dell is trying to trademark "cloud computing". Real Networks is getting sued over their DVD copying software. Verizon's rollout of FIOS faces problems. Panasonic says the Intel Atom processor is too slow for Vista so they won't use it in their computers. Should you install Windows XP SP3? See Michael's take. A new reason not to install XP SP3. Hank found a free duplicate file finder program that he liked. Joe discussed an undelete program from Diskeeper. Flyakite OSX by Greg Kite is a program that makes Windows XP look like Mac OS X Tiger. HP is laying off thousands. HDTune runs speed tests on USB flash drives.

Fund raising. We offered the same premiums as the prior 3 weeks of fund raising, a DVD Toolkit with many free programs for $55 and Gold Card technical support for a year from the guys on the show. Also, Gold Cards come with a bonus CD that can be used to change the Windows password.