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March 2009 Show Summaries
March 25, 2009  March 18, 2009  March 11, 2009  March 4, 2009 
March 25, 2009 Show

You can still get coupons for discounts on digital converter boxes. Pioneer is going to stop selling large plasma TVs in Japan. Why are newspapers failing? Internet Explorer version 8. A patch from Apple broke Perl scripts on the Mac, but it has been fixed. IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems. Lenovo released a nettop machine running an Atom cpu and Vista. Compaq also released one, but with XP Home for under $270. Antivirus 360 is a scam, don't confuse it with Norton 360 antivirus which is legit.

The greatest complaint when one uses Microsoft Office 2007 is the change in navigation. This simple patch, a program called UBitMenu, adds the "Menu" tab along with all the other tabs. When clicked on, it generates the Office 2003 menu bar underneath for use. UBitMenu is available at For other, somewhat similar, software see Make Office 2007 look like Office 2003.

The second half of the show was devoted to listener phone calls, as usual.


March 18, 2009 Show

A female MIT professor, Barbara Liskov, was the second woman to win the Turing award. A number of mistrials have been due to Internet use by jurors. New LiOn batteries will charge much faster, but they aren't expected to be available for a few years. Microsoft will sell software from other vendors in their new stores.

Alfred reviewed a bluetooth calculator for use with netbooks that don't have a numeric keypad. It is from Interlink Electronics. It works like a normal calculator but comes with a Send button that puts the numbers where the cursor is in whatever application is running. Kind of like copy/paste.

Hank reviewed the Windy31 a USB device availabe at It's a bit larger than a USB flash drive but comes with an adapter so it can be used with any computer. It can function both as a WiFi adapter and as a WiFi router. He liked it and liked the included software but he warned that you have to read the documentation. It sells for under $60. Hank used it as a router to share a Verizon EVDO data network connection.

The second half of the show was devoted to listener phone calls, as usual.


March 11, 2009 Show

Microsoft just issued a bug fix regarding metafiles. We help a Gold Card holder with a problem caused by another bug fix. Apple announced the third generation shuffle. Work continues on Service Pack 2 for Vista. Facebook users need to be aware of koobface. Amazon back-peddled a bit on text to speech in the new Kindle. Buying an all-in-one thingy. With computer retailers disappearing where do you go to kick the tires on tech stuff?

The second half of the show was devoted to listener phone calls, as usual.


March 4, 2009 Show

Thanks to everyone who donated to the station during the just-ended fund raising drive. Nvidia is going to produce x86 processors. Spansion filed for Chapter 11. Apple updated its line of computers. Fujitsu is selling their hard disk drive manufacturing to Toshiba. Our guests were Larry Magid and Anne Collier from, a website about keeping kids safe on the Internet. Facebook has privacy tools. Cyberbullying. Netmom links to good sites for kids. and are a walled gardens for children.

The second half of the show was devoted to listener phone calls, as usual.


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