March 2007 Show Summaries
March 28, 2007  March 21, 2007  March 14, 2007  March 7, 2007
March 28, 2007 Show

Flash ram prices are heading up. Samsung just released a 64GB flash ram based hard drive. No doubt more and more laptops will ship with solid state hard drives as opposed to the standard mechanical devices. They cost more but have many advantages. One is that flash ram is much faster than a hard disk, thanks to its not being a mechanical device. Moving the read-write heads and waiting for the platters to spin takes a huge amount of time when compared to other work inside a computer. 

Yahoo now offers unlimited storage for email. Cellphones don't interfere with airplane controls. Many cellphone companies are being sued for Bluetooth patent infringements. Can you boot to DOS and still access USB keyboards/mice? 

Samsung just released a computer monitor that attaches via USB rather than the standard video connection. Called the UbiSync LCD monitor it is 19" in size and uses a software graphics adapter instead of the usual hardware, thus it can work with any PC including the many whose video card only supports a single monitor. Due to go on sale in May it is expected to sell for $678. 

Listener phone calls. On the show were Joe King, Hank Kee, Alfred Poor, Michael Horowitz, Danny Burstein and Olivia Whiteman.

Next week we are pre-empted but will, as always, record a show that you can download from this site.


March 21, 2007 Show

The Commodore name, an oldie from the early days of PCs is back. A Dutch company owns the name and is releasing new high end "gaming" PCs targeted to compete with Alienware and Voodoo. The machines will include a Commodore 64 emulator and some games that ran on the old machine. In its day (the 1980s), the Commodore 64 was the most popular personal computer. The only relationship between these machines and the old Commodore machines is the name. The original Commodore company went out of business in 1994. 

Auction fraud made up 45% of the complaints received by the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Non-delivery of merchandise was 19%. The FBI did not say which auction sites were the worst.