August 2009 Show Summaries
August 26, 2009  August 19, 2009  August 12, 2009  August 5, 2009 
August 26, 2009 Show

An interview with Steve Wilson of Fast Pencil on self publishing. Listener phone calls.


August 19, 2009 Show

A survey about gamers. Some large corporations have staff that monitor outgoing mail. Microsoft may not be able to sell Word 2007 shortly. The rules changed about registering domains. The Twitter outage. About the virtualization feature in some CPUs that is required for a feature in some versions of Windows 7.

There is a bug in the batteries of some Lenovo ThinkPads that mis-reports its status and thus Lenovo is recalling some batteries. Unlike prior recalls, there is no chance of fire. To see if your battery is being recalled, you can download a utility from Lenovo from here.

Fund raising. No listener phone calls.


August 12, 2009 Show

Whether you are running Windows or OS X, there are many bug fixes you need to apply. The milage on the new GM electric car may be bogus according to Alfred. Seagate is closing one of their factories in Singapore. The Acer Aspire One netbook runs Windows 7 just fine according to both Hank and Joe.

Fund raising. Unlike other WBAI shows, our membership premiums are always available. See the Premiums page on our website for details on our premiums. No listener phone calls.


August 5, 2009 Show

An anniversary: the show has now been on the air for 25 years! Also, fund raising and stories in the news. No listener phone calls. During the show we discussed that Microsoft plans on issuing free copies of Windows 7 to beta testers. To get the latest "Release Candidate" version of Windows 7 start here and also see Windows 7 Beta and Release Candidate Update.