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November 2002 Archive

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November 27, 2002  November 20, 2002  November 13, 2002  November 6, 2002 

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In The News: 

Intel to Hike Flash Memory Prices in January IDG News. November 26, 2002. Prices for Intel's flash memory chips, a vital component in cell phones, will rise 20 percent to 40 percent on January 1st. Hank said this is due to the economic law of supply and demand. Joe said it was due to greed. Flash memory allows devices to store data without a constant electrical current, making it ideal for cell phones and PDAs.   

A copyright infringement case against the popular file-sharing service Kazaa continues. Joe said it is a non-server peer-to-peer networking system, rather than a file swapping service. It can be used to move any file across its network. The issue is whether they are responsible for copyright violations that take place on their system. Joe thinks not.