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March 2003 Archive

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March 26, 2003 Show     RETURN TO TOP

We were pre-empted this week. 

Louis asked by email for advice regarding safe, low radiation emitting computers. Joe suggested he find monitors that comply with MPR II - A green standard published by SWEDAC (the Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation) that limits the maximum amount of ELF and VLF electromagnetic radiation a computer monitor may emit. Most personal computer monitors comply with this standard or the more stringent European TCO requirement. You also might be interested in Microwave News - Dr. Louis Slesin has been following this field for many years. While there is no hard evidence that computer monitors (as such) expose the user to specific danger, there are some disturbing areas that require further research... most of the questionable radiation comes from the rear of the monitor... some people avoid the whole problem by using flat panel LCD monitors. 

Another email q