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February 2003 Archive

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  February 26, 2003   February 19, 2003   February 12, 2003  February 5, 2003 

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February 26, 2003 Show     RETURN TO TOP

There was no show this week due to WBAI fund raising.

Santa Clara County faces key decision on electronic ballots Mercury News. February 24, 2003. We did a show on the potential fraud problems when using computer based voting machines. Scientists spoke up in Silicon Valley, where the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors delayed buying 5,000 ATM-like machines after hearing their concerns. National experts on computer security have raised questions about the validity of elections run on touch-screen machines, which currently don't produce a paper record a voter can use to check that the machine has recorded decisions accurately. The voting machine vendors have offered to install a paper audit system at no extra cost if Santa Clara becomes the first jurisdiction nationally to require it.