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At the start of the New Year 2019, the Personal Computer Show will be reformatted to be oriented to Internet broadcasting. The cord cutting of the past few years has shifted listeners and viewers from traditional media platforms to receiving their content on demand. We are not ending the show, just the over the air broadcast on WBAI.

The program will continue to be available on www.PRN.FM on the Internet as it is presently scheduled on Wednesday 6 PM Eastern Time. Podcasts will continue to be available from, all the major podcast hosting sites as well as on our website here.

We will continue to be heard regularly every week as we are now. We will go back to our roots in which you, the listening audience, are part of the program. If you send us your question or a brief description of what you want to discuss via email, along with your telephone number and a convenient time at which we can reach you, we will call you and record the call for broadcast during our show. If you have any questions or comments for us, just send us an email addressed to hank at There is no such thing as a stupid question.

The conversation will be recorded to be part of the show but If you are bashful or shy or just want to remain anonymous, it's no problem. We'll just use the context of what is on your mind and attribute it to an anonymous query.

You, the listening audience, are an integral part of the show. We hope you will join us in this exciting new format. Send an email to hank at and let us know about your computing problems, questions, and opinions on the computing industry.

Bringing you computer industry news, hardware and software reviews, guest interviews and news of User Group meetings for 33 years, the Personal Computer Show is a three-time winner of the prestigious national Computer Press Awards. Our co-hosts are Joe King and Hank Kee.

The show is pre-recorded and can be heard on both WBAI and

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The show is pre-empted on WBAI (not PRN) on December 12th and December 19th

The Personal Computer show is on both PRN.FM and WBAI
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