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Bringing computer industry news, hardware and software reviews, guest interviews and news of User Group meetings for over 35 years, the Personal Computer Show is a three-time winner of the prestigious national Computer Press Awards. Our host is Hank Kee.

The Personal Computer show is on

Wednesday 6 - 7PM Eastern Time


Stream the show at 6PM ET on Wednesdays at You can also listen to the live show by telephone, no Internet needed at all, by calling 641-793-7091.


Streaming and downloads are available from PRN. Our old Audio Archives were discontinued in April 2020 but some old shows are still available. For now. As of May 2020, audio archives are available at


The show should be available on all the major podcast apps. If a search in the app does not find it, you can manually subscribe with the RSS feed from Podbean. NOTE: Our own RSS feed was discontinued in April 2020.


Email us at hank at or leave a voicemail message at 862-800-6805.

Our webmaster, Michael, blogs about Defensive Computing.

Hank Kee

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